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Tel: 0086-07552803-9881
Tel: 0086-07552770-6931
Tel: 0086-07552704-7373
Fax :0086-0755 -27705869
E-mail: szzds68@163.com
Website: www.
Address:Area B of the 1st industrial , White flower community, 
Guang Ming new District ( Bao an) ,  Shenzhen City, Guang Dong Province, China.

Founded in 2005,  Shenzhen Zhandasheng Packaging Materials Co.,Ltd  is a professional printing and packaging company, ever since its establishment, its business has been continually expanding and has grown into a printing and packaging company with complete standards , abundant  experience and a wide range of products . It is mainly specialized in the the manufacturing of cellphone boxes, gift boxes, cosmetic cases, wine boxes, food boxes, moon-cake boxes, desk / wall calendar, brochures, c...... 【More Details】

Consider of client, fast production time, speed is market

As our company is an OEM manufacturer, the product is basically on our own ready-made, pac...【More Details】

Quality is our business card

In the past, our packaging products often appear open plastic lenses fall, demolition mark...【More Details】

Packing reflect the value

Over the past year, you have the full support of our high quality service and good reputat...【More Details】

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Pro, pick up your phone to scan cute《Shenzhen Zhandasheng Packaging Materials Co.,Ltd》Micro Mall, and call the service hotline:13713924994(Xue Quanfen),Immediate access to a preferential quota。